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Placenta Previa

All Exercise is Labor Prep

Seeing a pregnant woman jogging, swimming laps or lifting weights used to be a rare sight. Not anymore. Exercise is now considered an important part of a healthy pregnancy. "People used to think rest was the norm and exercise was dangerous, but now we realize that in a pregnancy free of complications, the opposite is true," says Mona Shangold, M.D., director of the Center for Women's Health and Sports Gynecology in Philadelphia.

When Childbirth Gets Scary

We all know that giving birth isn't going to be like it is on TV dramas: Your water breaks; you gasp, exclaim, "She's coming!" Then, lipstick refreshed, you cradle your newborn as your handsome husband looks on. Alternatively, we hope it isn't going to be fodder for reality TV: A swarm of doctors sprints into the delivery room, shouting, "Get the NICU team, STAT! We've got a quadruple nuchal and need a cold-knife section!" More than likely, it will be somewhere between the two. However your labor story unfolds, being educated helps.