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Postpartum Care

Photo Series Gets Real About Postpartum Bodies

When Viera, FL-based new mom, Natalie McCain gave birth to her daughter, she was disappointed that her body didn't, as she put it, "magically go back to how it was before pregnancy." As a young mom, only 20-years-old at the time, she developed some postpartum symptoms and gave herself a hard time with the new body motherhood gave her, instead of the one she hoped would return.

Low-Income Moms Use ER for Postpartum Care

Low-income women are not receiving the postpartum care they need after birth and, as a result, are visiting the ER in droves, according to a new study published in the Journal of Women's Health.

Nutritionist Shares Her 'Real' Postpartum Body

That body of yours is pretty awesome, Mama, and if we had to guess, we bet you don't give it enough credit. Not only did it carry and bring a baby into the world, but it's a source of natural nutrition for your growing newborn and it can lift a stroller like a pro.

11 Ways to Feel Sexy in Your Post-Baby Body

Sure, babies change everything—including how you feel about your body. Even though you know what it took to create that baby you adore, getting your sexy back isn’t something that always magically happens exactly six weeks post baby. It’s normal to have some reservations and not feel your 100-percent vixen status after you welcome your firstborn. Plus, you might just not be in the mood.

10 Reasons You're Not Bonding with Your Better Half

I hear it often. "Before we had kids, we used to _____ all the time." Couples typically fill in the blank with something really fun that they used to do together, such as having lots of sex, adventures, great conversations, or laughing a lot. As a relationship therapist, I ask distressed couples who are in my office, "Why did you stop?"

Jenna Wolfe: Today Show Anchor, New Mom and Model of Motivation

Jenna Wolfe, The Today Show anchor and new mama, tells us her secret to staying focused in the newsroom, in the gym, and at home.

3 (Easy) Ways to Make the Most of Your Hair Color During the Fourth Trimester

When you've got a little sweetie, touching up your hair color slips way low on your priority list. Luckily, these genius products keep your shade vibrant for, like, ever. Give them a try!


How to Hide Your New-Mom Dark Under Eye Circles with Makeup

Having a cherubic baby of your very own? Super awesome. The late-night feedings and attendant under-eye circles? Less so. Follow these stealth makeup tricks, and you can lose those XXL sunglasses.

3 Sex Tips That Help You Bring Sexy Back After Baby

Lots of new moms aren't exactly in the mood for sex once Baby arrives, but if your guy isn't initiating either, don't assume he's not interested. A study from the University of Michigan suggests that a key reason dads avoid nooky is that they're worried about hurting their still-recovering partner.

Should You Worry About Uterine Prolapse (Or Pelvic Organ Prolapse)?

Having a baby changes your body in unexpected ways. Case in point: pelvic organ prolapse. While childbirth is the main contributor, the condition usually develops in a woman’s late 40s or early 50s. Here’s what you need to know now.