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Postpartum Care

Motherhood: 5 Ingenious Ways to Prep for the Role of a Lifetime

Few events in life are as unforgettable as having a baby. But there are plenty of other days after the Big Day that aren’t rosebuds and rainbows. Suddenly, you’re adjusting to less sleep, a changing body, and to being cooped up with a little bundle of … demands?

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Your Postpartum Body: What to Expect and What to Do

Why I Won't Be Eating My Placenta

When I gave birth to my first child, nobody asked what I planned to do with the placenta. If they had, I would have answered, “Why, do you want it for something?” It wouldn’t have occurred to me that someone might sauté her afterbirth with lemon and ginger, blend it into a smoothie or make a blood-on-paper print of it for posterity.

Exercises for Better Post-Baby Sex

The Best Ways to Carry, Lift and Push Your Baby

Nearly every basic mommy move, from diaper changing to car seat wrangling, pulls your shoulders forward. As a result, the muscles in your back react as if you are falling and work extra hard to pull you upright, straining your back even further. Knowing the best way to carry, lift and push your baby can help keep your back in its best shape.

Here’s how to:

How Long It Takes Your Belly to Go Down After Birth

The average newborn weighs approximately 7.5 pounds. But how many pounds will YOU weigh when you walk out of the delivery room? And how long will it take for you to get your pre-baby body back? While the timeline is different for every woman and is based on a number of factors—how much weight you gained while pregnant, whether or not you’re breastfeeding, your diet and exercise habits—there are certain weight-loss milestones you can mark on your calendar.

Design a Back-Friendly Nursery

After your newborn arrives, you’ll soon realize that seemingly small details in your baby’s room, such as the height of the changing table, can make a massive difference in preventing an aching back.

“Many new mothers are so focused on their little one’s needs, they don’t realize just how frequently they’re lifting or bending in a way that’s not safest for their back,” says industrial designer Carla Jaspers.

Pain-proof your nursery with these ergonomic tips:

Post-Baby Birth Control Options

Life with a newborn has likely left you feeling less than amorous, with sex a distant memory between nighttime feedings and exhaustion. Eventually, however, your thoughts will turn to re-establishing physical intimacy with your partner. And when that happens, you’ll need to think about something you haven’t had to in a while: birth control.

Real Moms Talk: Did I Just Pee My Pants?

Almost any woman has probably had a moment at some time in her life when she laughed too hard, or perhaps drank a little too much alcohol and really, really had to go to the bathroom. But as Fit Pregnancy readers know, that baby pressing against your bladder makes you have to go to the bathroom often, and it’s quite common to have leaking or incontinence issues after your baby is born as well. And while we know it’s not a sexy topic, it’s a big (often embarrassing) problem for many women.

Pregnancy Leaves Lasting Impression on Mom's Foot Size

An unexpected physical side effect of pregnancy is throwing a lot of moms for a loop: bigger feet. And now, according to a new study, it looks like it can be permanent, the Today show reports.