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Pregnancy Cravings

My Little Burrito

I'm so happy to have my appetite back. The other day I had the best "Baja fish burrito" for lunch at a local tex-mex cafe that I sometimes visit when I want to write. The whole experience was delightful. I set up my laptop along one of the counter tables facing to the outside. I grabbed my burrito, pomegranate juice, and decadent chocolate brownie and nestled into my spot to enjoy the kid-free time to get some work done. I savored every bit of that burrito. The crispy fish and zesty rice topped with shredded cheese, veggies, and spicy sauce was so good.

Soy Wonder

Almost every other first pregnancy in our circle of friends and family has produced a girl. Somehow, though that wouldn't technically affect our odds, it just seemed more likely that there would finally be a boy on the way. And because we've watched so many people bring girls into the world, as soon as we found out we were pregnant we began studiously visualizing a boy just in case.

Love-Love Relationships

A Theory of Relativity

Making room for a new relationship in my life has changed my relationships to so many things. For one thing: my husband. I recently tried to express this for the first time (let's hope I didn't freak him out!) and it came out something like this:

Before, Aaron was the partner with whom I was building a home, a future. But very soon after I got pregnant, as though we had taken some new, deeper vow than we did when we got married in 2006, our relationship, our family, became my home and future.

Tag Team Pregnancy

This week's highlight email made me chuckle. Not in a bad way but in an "oh honey, do I remember that feeling" kind of way. My e-mailer didn't give me her name so I'm going to call her Jessica (based on her email address). Here's her story: She's pregnant with number two, has a six-month-old baby daughter at home, works full time and is worried about how exhausted and nauseated she is all the time. She's also worried about not giving either of her babies enough time and attention. Again I say, "Oh, honey."

Are you gonna eat that?

Are you gonna eat that? That's a bag of Cheetos and an apple fritter. My God, girl, what are you thinking? That's what you brought to your labor room for nourishing sustenance during one of the biggest physical endurance events of your life? You're joking, right? You're not actually going to wash it back with diet orange soda. Heh heh. That's funny.

Encore Act

For the past five years, Australian actress Rachel Griffiths has played the sultry and complicated Brenda Chenowith on the popular HBO series Six Feet Under. Mom to 18-month-old Banjo Patrick (he’s named after beloved Australian poet Banjo Paterson, who wrote “Waltzing Matilda”) and married to Australian artist Andrew Taylor, Griffiths, 36, is expecting the couple’s second child, a girl, due on June 25.

Gotta Have It

Pregnancy does some exciting and strange things to a woman’s body. Changes you may experience include naseau as well as cravings for specific foods or combinations of tastes and textures. // Although most cravings occur during the first trimester, some women have them throughout pregnancy. You may even find yourself yearning for foods you’ve never liked before.

Morning Person

Television journalist Lara Spencer reports on fashion, trends and the quirkier side of life for Good Morning America while juggling married life with another a.m. person, CNN morning anchor David Haffenreffer. We spoke with Spencer, 31, when she was but a millisecond away from delivering their first child, a boy.

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You’re pregnant and eating for two, right? That means your need for good nutrition is at an all-time high. But you can also make room for indulgences, even on a daily basis. Granted, you’ll still have to make sure you get all the nutrients you and your baby need, but if you play your nutritional cards right, you can have your cake (or a hot-fudge sundae) and eat it, too. How’s that for a treat?

she'’s gotta have it

One moment you’re hankering for salty potato chips, and the next you’re tearing into a juicy orange. Rare steak has replaced your prepregnancy vegetarian suppers, and your in-laws now stock your favorite brand of chocolate chip ice cream. What explains a pregnant woman’s cravings?