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Pregnancy Cravings

Junk Food Babies

We all know that junk food is bad for us. But, we're only just beginning to understand how bad it is for the babies we carry.

A new research study may just make it harder for you to justify giving in to your junk food cravings.

Q&A with Jessica Alba

Q: Your life is so busy. How are you feeling now that you're pregnant?
At the end of the day I am so tired I can't function or speak and my eyes glaze over; but this pregnancy has seriously mellowed me out, which is nice. I've been going, going, going for so long, it feels nice not to take things so seriously.

When Moms-To-Be Binge

Getting pregnant makes some women susceptible to bingeing, even when they had no previous history of eating disorders. In a study of moms-to-be ages 25 to 34, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers noted a significant jump in new cases of binge eating. Don't confuse bingeing with simply craving a specific food. Like bulimics, binge eaters consume a large amount of food in a short time and feel out of control while they do it. But unlike bulimics, they do not compensate for their bingeing by purging, fasting, exercising or abusing laxatives.

Gab Fest

At 38, Gabby Reece leads an exceedingly full life as a pro volleyball player, entrepreneur, former host of Fit TV/Discovery's "Insider Training," Yahoo health writer, hands-on mom to daughter Reece, 4, and wife to big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton. The 6'3" former model spoke with us from Maui as she and her family awaited the late-December arrival of baby number two.

Courtney Thorne-Smith: On Her Way to Mommy Place

Expecting her first child this winter, Courtney Thorne-Smith, now 40, is also promoting her first book, Outside In (Random House). The novel is about an actress on a prime-time drama who is wronged by her sleazy husband and her co-star. Thorne-Smith's own husband, Roger Fishman, has a digital media company, The Zizo Group; they married Jan. 1, 2007. Currently starring in ABC's According to Jim, she previously appeared on (the prime-time drama) Melrose Place and on Ally McBeal.

Feed Your Cravings

Craving a certain food during pregnancy—an iron-rich, juicy burger, say—means your body needs the particular nutrients it contains, right? Not necessarily. "There's really not a lot of scientific backup for such statements," says Linda R. Chambliss, M.D., medical director of labor and delivery at St. Mary's Hospital in St. Louis. "A lot of women are iron-depleted during pregnancy, but it's hard to show a cause-and-effect relationship between a craving and the lack of a specific nutrient."

Rockin' Mama

Brooke Burke, co-host of CBS' Rock Star -- and our February/March cover model -- has lots going on. The show is preparing its third installment (scheduled for summer 2007), her third child is due in late January (she has two daughters with Extreme Makeover plastic surgeon Garth Fisher), and she's engaged to ex-Baywatch cutie David Charvet. We talked to her at our photo shoot.

Fit Pregnancy: So, how's this pregnancy going?

Tips (For Months 5-7)

Your Nutrition
Eat just 300 calories more per day Even though your appetite is noticeably increasing, your daily calorie intake should go up just a little during the second and third trimesters. (Note: Your total gain should be 25 to 35 pounds if you're of normal weight.)
Give in to some cravings But try to eat healthfully overall by choosing nutrient-rich foods like low-fat dairy, legumes, poultry, lean meats and fish.
If you "run hot," eat cold foods Chilled fruit, frozen yogurt, and cold, cooked wild salmon are good choices.

Craving Control

Your belly craves a big, greasy burger with onion rings, but your brain tells you to eat a healthful, home-cooked meal to benefit your growing baby.  Cookbook Fast Food Fix lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. In it, author and chef Devin Alexander offers more than 75 recipes replicating your favorite fast-food indulgences, with a lot less fat, sugar and other bad stuff that's devoid of the important nutrients you need during pregnancy. Here are three recipes to satisfy any junk-food junkie. And since you save so many calories, you'll have room for when the next craving hits.