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Pregnancy Safe Foods

Mexican Hot Chocolate (With Benefits For Your Developing Baby!)

Satisfy your chocolate cravings: This drink is so good you'll forget all about margaritas.

Warm Smoked Peach with Marzipan, Granola, and Granita

This all-natural dish, courtesy of Grace Crossman of Goldie's vegan restaurant in Asbury Park, New Jersey, will satisfy your sweet tooth in seconds—no animal products required.

Non-Alcoholic Drink: The Bellini Mocktail You'll Love

To stir in the agave more easily, heat it in the microwave or stovetop before stirring it in.

Get Your Whole-Food Fix

Between taking care of a newborn, prepping for your return to work after maternity leave, and still decorating the nursery, getting a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables can feel more stressful than the thought of having your least favorite in-law move in next door.

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The New Prenatal Power Food?

Go nuts: Eating peanuts during pregnancy may reduce your baby’s risk of developing the all-too-common nut allergy, says a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics.

The Perfect Prenatal Smoothie: Mango Ginger

This rich and creamy smoothie gets a bit of protein from low-fat Greek yogurt, and a delicious jolt of flavor from crystallized ginger (which also happens to relieve morning sickness!).

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Doctors have long struggled to understand why some women develop gestational diabetes and others don’t. Extra weight plays a role, but many slim, otherwise healthy women find their blood glucose inching higher during pregnancy. What else could be going on?