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Pregnancy Travel

Got a Holiday Due Date? How to Prepare

Regina Hughes was thrilled to find out that her little turkey was due on Thanksgiving last year. “What a great thing to be thankful for,” the Glen Ellyn, Ill. mom says. But her wave of elation quickly pooled into worry. Will I be able to make it to the feast my mother-inlaw spends all week preparing?

Master the Art of the Staycation-Babymoon

A week-long babymoon to a new city isn't always possible (if only!), but a staycation can be just as relaxing, if not more.

Driving With a Due Date

As your baby bump grows and grows with your pregnancy, we're sure this question is going to cross your mind: Should I continue wearing my seat belt. In short: Yes, always!

An estimated 800 fetuses die each year in the United States when their mothers are involved in vehicle accidents, according to federal statistics. That's eight times as many babies and children up to age 4 who are killed in crashes.

Taking that last great trip before parenthood

Can you travel safely during pregnancy?  That’s what Jeremy wants to know.  He and his wife are planning a trip to Greece when she’s 33-weeks pregnant.  It’s their first baby, conceived with IVF (in vitro fertilization), and she’s healthy.  Jeremy read last year’s post about travel during pregnancy but wants to know if it’s safe for his wife.  I can answer this with two words – Yes! Probably!

Safe Travels

Vacation season is here, but traveling while pregnant can be exhausting and uncomfortable. To smooth your way, here are tips from Virginia R. Lupo, M.D., chairwoman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

Flight Plan

Travel During Pregnancy

I've been out of touch with readers' questions this past month because I've been so absorbed traveling and writing about my trip to Peru with CARE. I still have the travel bug though, so I thought I'd start back to normal blogging by writing about travel during pregnancy. Kelsey wrote and wonders if it will be safe to fly from Texas to New York when she's eight months pregnant. She's four months along now and feels fine but wonders what's safe.

The Plane Truth

I was five months pregnant when my husband and I celebrated our last days as an unencumbered couple with a trip to London. Unfortunately, the flight home, which was bookended by two long and bumpy taxi rides, left me nauseated and exhausted ... and spotting. I called my midwife in a panic. After reassuring me that my symptoms didn’t seem serious—and they weren’t—she prescribed several days of rest and advised that I forgo traveling for the rest of my pregnancy.