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Pregnant Sex

Sex Rx: 4 Reasons to Keep Doing It

Now that you’re pregnant, has your sex life gone into a deep freeze? If so, consider thawing it out. In most cases, not only is a roll in the hay perfectly safe through your final trimester, it’s good for your mental health and your relationship. Here, our top four reasons to get down while you’re knocked up.

Can Pregnancy Hormones Make You Clingy?

It’s reader email week and I’ve picked my favorite. I’m not going to name my e-mailer because I think she speaks for a lot of women. Here’s what she wrote:

Breasts, Sex and Boob Jobs

I get lots of emails about breastfeeding, but even more about breasts, sex and boob jobs.  Women want to know, “Am I normal?” but don’t always feel comfortable asking their doctor or midwife. So, they ask me.  Here’s a sampling of some of the very breast questions:

My breasts were always more decorative for me during sex before I got pregnant.  Now, they’re my main attraction. I mean I actually had an orgasm when my husband got busy with my girls and that’s never happened before.  Am I normal?

Got Herpes?

Most women think that having herpes during pregnancy is a fairly straightforward matter: If you have any sores when you go into labor, you’ll simply deliver by Cesarean section to avoid infecting your baby. Yet the issue is much more complicated than is often perceived.

No Sex With A Bump?

Pregnant women have less sex than they’re used to having, particularly in the last trimester, research suggests. Considering that pregnancy sex is usually safe, free and a good way for partners to stay close during what can be a stressful time, why is this?

Are Vibrators Safe?


Yes, it is safe to use vibrators during a healthy, low-risk pregnancy. Just make sure you keep your vibrator clean. After every use, wash the surface with warm water and a gentle soap.

Expecting Improvement

I have psoriasis, and for 20 years my scalp has been so crusty and flaky that a shake of my head can create a snow-globe effect. But when I was pregnant, an amazing thing happened: My flakes vanished. I stopped getting treatments at the dermatologist’s office and started wearing black sweaters, just because I could.

Sex, Smokes and Sciatica

It’s reader-question week!  Let’s talk about sex, sciatica and smoking.

I know, sex first, right?  Wrong, if I wrote about that first, you might not read to the end.

Is Your Relationship Babyproof?

At a backyard barbeque a month before I delivered my twin boys, the dads tossed around a Frisbee while the moms sat around a table predicting that my marriage was about to implode. “You guys will fight over the stupidest stuff,” one woman insisted. “You just wait!” I wasn’t buying it. After all, my husband, Paul, rubbed my swollen feet every night during my third trimester. He told me I “glowed,” and he folded the laundry.

Sex before and after baby

We haven’t talked about sex in a while. Let’s answer some questions and then I’ll tell you what I think about CNN’s article, New Moms and the Post-Baby Sex Slump That is besides saying, “duh.”