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Pregnant Sex

Mind Your Relationship

Whatever your life was like as a couple, pregnancy changes it irrevocably. Your focus, once centered on just you two, zooms in on the coming baby. So begins the transition to parenthood, an experience that can strengthen your bond as a couple if you communicate and nurture your relationship.

6 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Intact

1. Address marital conflicts before baby arrives. Issues that spark small disagreements before baby comes can cause all-out arguments when you add stress and sleep deprivation to the equation.

When You're Ready for Sex but He Isn't

The cliche among the new-parent set is that men always want sex and women never do. But believe it or not, some fathers are not exactly chomping at the bit after the baby arrives.

Giving Birth Won't Spoil Your Sex Life

Some women worry that having a vaginal delivery might wreak havoc on their long-term ability to enjoy sex. However, a new study has found that the method of delivery--vaginal, Cesarean or vaginal with forceps or vacuum--appears to have little impact on sexual activity one year after childbirth. But the study did find that a woman's sex life before delivery predicted what it would be like afterward.

Sex Inducing Labor


You might be referring to a recent report that intercourse hastens labor in full-term pregnancies and reduces the need for inductions. But another study, published just weeks earlier, showed completely opposite findings. "As these studies demonstrate, we still aren't sure if intercourse triggers labor," says Sean S. Daneshmand, M.D., clinic director of maternal-fetal medicine at the San Diego Perinatal Center at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women, who wasn't involved in either study.

Secret - Engaging In Risky Sexual Behavior

How it can hurt

Sex Education

There are lots of things happening to your body during pregnancy that you might find embarrassing—especially when it comes time to have sex. But doing the baby dance is how you got pregnant in the first place, so there's nothing to be ashamed of. Here, some experts answer a few of the questions you might feel awkward asking your own doctor.

Can I still receive oral sex?