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The Truth About Prenatal Exercise

In this era of prenatal Pilates videos and Oh Baby! toning classes, most women know that exercise during pregnancy is safe. Yet when it comes to the particulars—Is it OK to work my abs? Do I have to quit running? Should I keep my heart rate low?—myths and misconceptions that hold women back persist. “There’s still a lot of fear out there that stops pregnant women from exercising,” says Sara Haley, a prenatal fitness trainer and workout-DVD star based in Santa Monica, Calif.

Looking Back

This will be my last post for Fit Pregnancy.

And this past week, I came to a new conclusion: it is not that I am burnt out on running, it’s just that I no longer need it in the same way.

I used to pour all my frustrations and anger into my running, but now, I am in a place in my life where a lot of that toxicity is gone. I still love running, but I no longer need it like I did and so I am less motivated to push myself past the point of comfort.

Deferring My Entry

I am suffering in this heat worse than I have ever suffered in summers past and I have no idea why.

Maybe it is because I trained so hard in the winter and my body became accustomed to that. Or maybe I am getting older and my body is less good at regulating temperature. Or, maybe it is just too damn hot in Boston.

Whatever the cause, I am not running well.

Emotion Running

The other day, my husband and I were in bed next to each other when he put his hand on my stomach.

“You know I think you are much hotter right now than you are in marathon condition,” he said.

Of course, because I am female, I started to take it the wrong way (You think I am fat, do you?) but I quickly regrouped and realized he was right. I do look more like the woman he married, the more voluptuous, womanly woman who was proud of her curves. Until I started running.

Chariot, How I Love Thee

I promised a few months ago, that I would review the Chariot CX2 once I had used it a few times.

Since I have not been running (although I was just given the green light to run tomorrow again – yay!), I have been doing a lot of biking and pulling the kids in this stroller/bike trailer/most wonderful thing on the planet.

I cannot say enough good things about this trailer.

Shoeless Sasha?

I had a shoe malfunction this week.

As I was walking down the street, my slide sandals gave way and the next thing I knew I was barefoot. And since barefoot running has been something I have been dying to try for months, I used the opportunity to explore the sidewalk, street and some lawns with only my feet beneath me (I also did not have much choice as I was about 1/2 a mile from my car).

It was interesting.

The Wonky Achilles

Since the Achilles/calf injury that ended my racing season last month, I have been taking it pretty easy with runs.

I have shed the Garmin so I would not focus on speed, capped my runs about four miles and only run about four times a week. Still, I have been in pain.

How I Spent my Training Vacation

Rob and I are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary this weekend with a trip to our favorite guesthouse on Cape Cod where we will spend three whole days sans children, luxuriating in spa treatments, great champagne, rich desserts and oodles of each other.

We will be biking to our destination, so there will be a little bit of working out in there, but I plan to shed both my computer and my running routine, the two activities that most weigh on my time.

Running Different

After giving my Achilles almost a full two weeks off, I started running again today.

It was a good run – a nice 8:20 pace, which was not too fast, not too slow. I felt strong and did four miles.

I had missed running, but not the running I have done most recently – chore-running.

Chill Girl, Chill

I was too injured to run this past weekend

Last Sunday after my long run (8 miles) we went to an 80’s party at my friend’s home and I, of course, chose to wear four-inch heels (I have a history of always selecting the wrong footwear). 

About two hours into the party, my Achilles felt wonky.  The next day it felt worse.  And by Thursday, I was unable to run.