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Safe Exercise For Pregnancy

Pregnant Michelle Bridges Pulls Fitness Video

If there's anything a mom should never apologize for, it's how she's keeping herself healthy for herself and for her family. That's why we're kind of in shock that The Biggest Loser star, Michelle Bridges, had a (super inspiring!) video of herself working out while expecting taken down by Instagram, thanks to naysayers.

Exercise Trends During Pregnancy: What's Safe?

You've probably heard that it's important to continue exercising throughout your pregnancy—with your doctor's approval, of course.

6 Prenatal Exercise Hurdles & How to Clear 'Em

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends 30 minutes of daily exercise for pregnant women, if you get the OK from your doctor, because it has been shown to reduce complications during pregnancy and beyond.

Prenatal Exercise Reduces Need for C-Section

If you really want a natural birth, it might be time to hit the gym.

Weight Training for Pregnancy

Strength training is safe and one of the best ways to minimize aches and pains. Weight machines are ideal, especially for gym newbies, because they control your range of motion. "During pregnancy, your joints get looser, and it's easy to move outside of your normal range," says Jeffreys. However, if you're accustomed to doing free-weight exercises, you can continue.

The Pregnant Woman's Guide to the Gym

An hour of cardio usually flies by for me at the gym, thanks to my secret motivational strategy: watching "Law & Order" reruns on the club's TV. I hop on the elliptical machine as the opening credits roll, and before I know it, Sam Waterston is finishing his closing argument to the jury. At least, that was the case before I got pregnant.

Running While Pregnant: Tips to Stay Safe

Whether you’re an experienced marathoner or a newbie who only runs to catch the bus, running could be just the thing to keep you happy and healthy these nine months—if you do it right. “Being active while pregnant helps you stay feeling great and benefits your baby,” says Chris Heuisler, a veteran marathoner, running coach and the National Run Concierge for Westin Hotels (and a dad of two!). “But you have to listen to your body, because it will begin to dictate how much you can and can’t work out.” Here’s what you need to know to stay safe and healthy on the road:

Make Your Pregnancy Workouts Really Work

Yeah, yeah, it’s easy for taut fitness pros to tell you to work out during your pregnancy—what with their lack of swollen feet or heartburn. We chased down realistic advice from trainers who’ve been there.

3 Pregnancy Exercises That Improve Balance

You know that pregnancy affects your balance. Here's how to condition your body to stay upright, according to yoga teacher Natasha Hennessy.