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Safe Exercise For Pregnancy

10 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Set aside your ego and honor where your body is at today. Practice loving compassion for yourself and baby. Prenatal yoga is one of the best things that you can do for yourself, as well as your growing baby.

It's important that you find the right yoga practice for you. Whether it be going to a yoga studio, finding a DVD, or developing your own practice at home. Listen to your body and do what feels right to you. 

Some of the benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy include:

Workout Suggestions for Fergie and Josh: Partner Yoga

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have an amazing relationship, but sometimes, during pregnancy, it's hard for women to relate to their partners. Partner poses are great for your relationship and your health. We recommend these for the expecting couple. Looking for more?  These 10 yoga poses are safe for every trimester 

VIDEO: Pain Relief with Yoga and Pilates

The problem: Weight gain, a shifting center of gravity, and ligament-loosening hormones all contribute to aches and pains as your pregnancy progresses.   The solution: Strengthen your core muscles to support your back and spine, and stretch your shoulders, upper back, quads and hip flexors with these simple exercises. Looking for more? These 10 yoga poses are safe for every trimester. 

VIDEO: Yoga Poses to Prepare for Labor & Delivery

Practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy is a great way to strengthen and stretch the muscles you'll use most during childbirth. From easing tension in your back to opening your hips and increasing circulation, these yoga poses will prepare your mind and body for labor and delivery. Looking for more? These 10 yoga poses are safe for every trimester.

Strength-Training "Super Mom" Workout

This "Super Mom"strength training workout is perfect to do during pregnancy because it mimics what you'll be doing as a new mom: carrying, lifting, and pushing your new baby.

VIDEO: Prenatal Yoga for Princess Kate

From Cat/Cow to Child's Pose, Hip Openers to a restful Side-Lying Shivasana, every mama-to-be can benefit from

VIDEO: 10-Minute Prenatal Lower-Body Workout

Working out during pregnancy can improve sleep and boost energy, but there are certain workouts, like squats, that can have tremendous benefits before and during labor. Our friends at Popsugar share their 10-minute prenatal lower-body-workout that targets trouble zones and helps support your growing belly. Remember, you always want to check with your doctor before engaging in any workout during pregnancy!

Summer Safety Tips: How to Exercise in the Heat

Most of us love the summertime, um, until we’re pregnant. What used to just feel like a pretty warm and sticky day often feels a lot more intense for a hot soon-to-be mama. Feeling warmer than usual and sweating more isn't in your head, blame hormonal changes and an increase in blood supply to the skin throughout pregnancy. If you’re already sweating while you’re brushing your teeth, how are you going to make it through your workouts this summer? Don’t fret.

Pregnancy Meditation and Resting Shivasana Pose

See more poses in this series: Goddess Pose   |    Lunge Pose   |    Tree Pose  |   

Week 36: Finding Balance

Moving my body is what I do to release stress and feel strong and energized. So when I didn’t know I was pregnant and was doing 20-mile training runs back in October for the New York City Marathon and climbing obstacle courses while competing in a Tough Mudder mud run, I couldn’t figure out why I was slowing down so much.

That is, until I had a dream of a little baby with blue-green eyes and dark hair that felt so, well, real that I immediately drove to the store to buy a pregnancy test…which came back positive. Surprise!