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Star Moms

Celebrities Improve Mothers Lives

Celebrities don’t just help motherhood en vogue; they also focus attention on causes important to families, such as efforts to end poverty, hunger and childhood disease. And while many of us are familiar with actress Angelina Jolie’s good deeds on behalf of the United Nations, and former model Christy Turlington Burns’ work for CARE, we thought you should know about some other stars’ charitable efforts.

Christy Turlington Saves Women's Lives

This past January I found myself far from home, sitting with four women waiting to go into labor at Hogar Materno (Maternity House) in Vilcashuaman, Peru. Their midwife, Sofia, hovered nearby. The whitewashed building, nestled among sprouting vegetable gardens, is a short walk from the tiny health center’s obstetrical unit. At the time, it was home to 10 moms-to-be, their families and even livestock during the women’s last weeks of pregnancy.

Q&A with Angie Everhart

She’s graced the covers of Elle and Glamour magazines. She’s posed for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and Playboy. She’s acted in films such as Last Action Hero and Bare Witness, as well as television series including Celebrity Mole and The Ex-Wives Club. And now, supermodel Angie Everhart is taking on the role of a lifetime: motherhood. We spoke to her by phone during the 39th week of her pregnancy.

Q&A With LaKisha Jones

LaKisha Jones has had a busy few years. Her rise to stardom began when America voted her in as a top four finalist during the 2007 season of American Idol. Since then, she’s launched her first solo album, performed on Broadway as the church soloist in Oprah Winfrey’s Tony Award-winning musical The Color Purple, and married financial advisor Larry Davis, with Jones’ then-5-year-old daughter, Brionne, serving as both a flower girl and junior bridesmaid. The couple are expecting their first child together in August.

Star Moms Revisited

Last time these lovely ladies were featured in Fit Pregnancy they were expecting or had just given birth, so we thought it would be fun to see how their lives have been going now that their babies have arrived and are flourishing.

Jessica Alba

Star Moms—Elaine Cassidy

Our August/September 2009 cover model, Irish actress Elaine Cassidy, played Abby on CBS’s Harper’s Island this past spring. Married to actor/producer Stephen Lord, Cassidy also appeared in the music video for Coldplay’s  song, “The Scientist,” as well as the feature film The Others (2001) and U.K. television shows “Fingersmith” and “Uncle Adolf.” The couple are expecting their first child in early fall. We interviewed Cassidy after our cover photo shoot.

Q&A with Molly Ringwald

Q: How does it feel to be going through pregnancy again after 5 years?
A: It’s not exactly the way we planned it, but various circumstances kept us from having a baby sooner. I actually think it’s a good thing considering we’re having twins, as it would be so much harder with a toddler than with an almost 6-year-old.

Superstar Joins Vaccine Cause

Look who's adding her name to the children's advocate list: J.Lo

Access O’Dell

Nancy O'Dell, co-anchor of NBC's Access Hollywood, has had a busy year so far: Daughter Ashby (named after O'Dell's grandfather) turns 2 on June 11; O'Dell was scheduled to compete on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) (and had to drop out due to a knee injury); and in April her first book - Full of Life: Mom to Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant (Simon Spotlight Entertainment) comes out. She spoke with us one afternoon in March after taping Access.