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Third Trimester

Rethinking "Full Term"

A newborn is more likely to be healthy if the mom's pregnancy lasts at least 39 weeks, according to a wealth of recent research.

Getting Back to Business

Before your baby is even born, it is very likely that you will need to make a decision about when, or if, you will be returning to work. Lots of moms return to work full time, but others opt for a part-time schedule, some work from home, and some forgo work altogether and become stay-at-home moms.

Driving With a Due Date

As your baby bump grows and grows with your pregnancy, we're sure this question is going to cross your mind: Should I continue wearing my seat belt. In short: Yes, always!

An estimated 800 fetuses die each year in the United States when their mothers are involved in vehicle accidents, according to federal statistics. That's eight times as many babies and children up to age 4 who are killed in crashes.

Birthing Tips

1. Get to know yourself Think about what makes you tick and what you really want. Are you skeptical or respectful of the medical establishment? Ask yourself, if you had no constraints, how would you want to give birth? Does one option make you say: “Yes! That makes total sense!” Do others make you squirm and think: “Yikes! I would never do that in a million years.” Your gut reaction tells you which choice is right for you.

The Importance of Counting Kicks During Pregnancy

Paying attention to a fetus’s movements in utero has been linked with a decrease in stillbirth. That’s why First Candle, the nonprofit group behind the Back to Sleep SIDS-prevention campaign, encourages women to monitor or chart their babies’ kicks beginning in the 28th week of pregnancy.

Surprising Breastfeeding Benefits

You've likely heard that breastfeeding can confer some pretty impressive benefits to your baby—reduced ear infections and asthma, maybe even a bump in IQ among them. Turns out there are even more perks for your little one, not to mention for you, society and even Mother Earth.

Questioning the Value of Vaginal Exams in Late Pregnancy

Shannon absolutely hates, hates, hates vaginal exams.  She’s pregnant with baby number two, due next month and says she’s dreading the onslaught of fingers in her vagina that start in late pregnancy and don’t end until after the baby’s born.  Her question:  What happens if I just say, “no?”

The Case for a Slower Pregnancy

Pregnancy used to be measured by natural time, beyond the control of people or technology. One of the few times in modern life that couldn’t be tampered with, pregnancy demanded that a rushed populace listen to nature. But now women can schedule the birth of a child rather than wait for nature to determine when labor begins, so it shouldn’t be surprising that celebrities have popularized the notion of elective Cesarean section.

The Best Natural Ways to Fight Pregnancy Fatigue

Q: I’ve felt so tired during my pregnancy that even getting up for work every day is becoming difficult. Are there any safe, natural ways to boost my energy?

Do You Dread Delivery?

Many women who whole-heartedly want to be mothers dread the prospect of having to actually deliver a baby. In fact, while just about every woman feels some anxiety about giving birth, 6 percent to 10 percent of pregnant women suffer intense fear. This can manifest itself in such symptoms as nightmares, heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, a racing pulse and difficulty concentrating.