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Travel With Baby

Diaper Duty on a Plane

Just in time for the peak of the holiday travel season, Babble's Strollerderby blog is talking parenting 101 when it comes to diapering on the go. The blog posting has plenty of tidbits and links about how to avoid raising a stink while flying at 30,000 feet.

Maiden Voyage

As a paranoid new mom, I spent the first days after Quinn's birth under self-imposed house arrest. Actually taking my girl out into the world seemed unbelievably stressful. But after a couple of weeks cooped up with the "colic queen," I had to get out. Our maiden voyage would be a trip to the grocery store.

Although my husband was willing to help, I was determined to handle the excursion alone. I planned to pop Quinn into her baby carrier/car seat, then head out, hoping for the best. But I soon realized that a simple trip to the store was even harder than I'd imagined.

Flight Control


I get asked this type of question a lot and always want to know how important the trip is before weighing in. Here's why: During the winter months, babies--and everyone else, for that matter--catch the flu and colds on planes. Even in summer, there are a few sneezing, coughing passengers on any given flight. Needless to say, you don't want your baby to catch what they have.

Use Baby Products Safely

Baby gear, in general, makes caring for children easier and safer, but "no product is a substitute for adequate caregiver attention," says Rick Locker, spokesman for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. Follow these tips to keep your baby safe: