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Twins And Multiples

Twin Birth Rates Are at a Record High

If you've been feeling like everyone around you is having twins, you might be on to something. Data from the CDC shows how common twin births are right nowand the rates associated with these births is at a record high.

Miracle Twins Born After Ectopic Pregnancy

Natalie Whitefox has suffered multiple miscarriages. She's also had two ectopic pregnancies and her fallopian tubes completely removed. She had resigned herself to never having more children—but this Christmas was the perfect time for her to celebrate the twins she gave birth to over two years ago—and her story is nothing short of miraculous.

A Beginner's Guide to Tandem Breastfeeding

If you're a pregnant mom with a nursing toddler, congrats! Many mothers who start breastfeeding don't continue, and you have defeated the odds. If you don't want to stop nursing when Baby #2 comes along, you don't have to. Tandem nursing—or nursing two babies at once—is becoming more popular with the rise in breastfeeding rates and it's perfectly safe to do: Your toddler won't hog your newborn's milk because the breast has the amazing ability to adjust to the demands it's given. Plus nursing both kids has been shown to improve the bond between siblings and relieve engorgement for moms.

Twin News Makes Family Do a Double Take

This has got to be one of the best reactions to a birth announcement we’ve seen yet!

Mom Hits Back After Rude Twin Comments

Love it or hate it, when you have a baby, strangers are bound to ask you questions. And apparently, according to Australian mom Annie Nolan, if you have twins, you'll get double the interrogation.

Experts Call for Bed Rest to Be ‘Discontinued’

These days, it’s more common for moms-to-be to be breathing deeply into a downward dog in prenatal yoga class than taking it easy at home with their feet up. But an estimated 20 percent of expectant mothers are still put on bed rest during their pregnancies, despite evidence that it may do more harm than good.

Ask The Labor Nurse: The Truth About Twins

I’m always the last in line when it comes to television, but I’ve finally gotten caught up on Call the Midwife, the PBS series about midwifes and nuns in a gritty neighborhood in London in the 1950s.

Medically Speaking

More Intense First-Trimester Medical Care
While the average mom- to-be doesn’t undergo her first ultrasound until 12 weeks, followed by a second (and often final) scan at 20 weeks, an ART patient often sees her baby’s heart beating at six weeks (four weeks after conception).

Off To Work We Go

When you’re on maternity leave, you eventually have to go back to work. But before you do, there’s seemingly a lot to do—choosing child care, figuring out where you’ll pump at the office, and for first-time mom Jennifer Ernst Beaudry, organizing her closets.

Twin Baby Names

Baby names times two! You thought finding one baby name was tough until you found out you had to find two! Our twin baby name guide will take the stress out of your big decision. Whether you are having twin girls, twin boys or one of each, we rounded up great names for your double bundle of joy.