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Weight Loss After Baby

Weigh In

When I was expecting, I didn’t think too much about my weight. In the first trimester, I was so nauseous that I lost weight from not eating enough on most days. When I started feeling better, I was thrilled to be gaining weight—to me it was a sign that my baby and I were healthy, so I never paid too much attention to the number on the scale at the doctor’s office. If my OB-GYN said my weight gain was fine, I took her word for it.

Month-by-Month Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight

After being completely focused on your pregnancy for nine months, it can be sort of shocking to see just yourself when you look in the mirror after your baby is born. As you heal and get into the swing of new motherhood, you might start eyeing your postpartum body with suspicion and wonder if you’ll ever fit into your prepregnancy jeans again.

Ab Rehab

After the excitement of bringing your baby home settles into quiet contentment, you might start to notice a bulge in your belly that won’t go away no matter how much you exercise and watch your diet.

Home is Where the Heart-Healthy Diet Starts

That was a vacation. We napped on the beach. We hung out with the family. We lounged in our PJs. We watched DVD’s. We did a puzzle. We overate. And now, luckily for our waistlines, it’s all over. Time to get real.

Belly Basics


Living on the Edge

My babysitter, Sonya, loves junk food just as much as I do. Which is why I was surprised to see her walk in my door this afternoon clutching a tub of fruit salad for her lunch. I was busy making myself a plate of cheese-laden nachos, and as I assessed her much-healthier dietary choice, I have to admit, I felt a little betrayed. My jaw must have dropped, because she started making excuses immediately.

"I'm trying to lose my belly," she explained. "LL Cool J says you should shop on the edges of the grocery store, because all the processed junk is in the middle."

Hike Your Way Back to Your Pre-Baby Body

Looking for a fun, easy way to get the exercise you need? Try hiking—not only does it help build strength, but it also allows you to be with your baby and other new parents as well. You can carry your baby in a front carrier or an all-terrain stroller on tougher trails, and she can enjoy the spring breezes, movement and changes in light that come with being outdoors.
    When Marietta Gilman’s daughter, now 6, was an infant, Gilman, a former backpacking and

Get Your Abs Back

Ask new moms which body part they’re most worried about getting back into shape after pregnancy and the answer is always the same: abs! We’re here to help. These exercises will work to strengthen and recondition your abdominals.

They’ve been adapted from Strollercize, a postnatal exercise program developed by Fit Pregnancy contributing editor Elizabeth Trindade, a personal trainer and mother of three.

The Baby Boot Camp Workout

At 10 A.M. sharp, the troops fall into formation: a dozen or so women with their little soldiers in strollers. The battalion marches through downtown Andover, Mass.

Blood starts pumping as the women attack “Heartbreak Hill.” Then they seize Main Street, where the barber greets the group with a wave. A police officer stops traffic to let them through to their final conquest: Central Park, where a regimen of stretching and weight-resistance training follows.

Carve Your Core: 6 Exercises for Stronger Abs

Most of us want to get our bodies back after having a baby, particularly our abs. Well, there's good news: Six weeks postpartum (with your doctor’s OK, of course), you can ease into this workout, adapted from the “Waist Away” program designed by Elizabeth Trindade, a certified personal trainer, mother of three and founder of Strollercize Inc., a postnatal exercise program.