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Weight Loss

Preconception Weight Loss


Weight loss can decrease your risk of gestational diabetes. If you were in your 20s, I would recommend that you try to lose weight before getting pregnant again. But since you are 35, my recommendation is to not delay conception by trying to lose weight first, as fertility decreases with age. You should consider consulting a registered dietitian about beginning a preconception nutritional program, as doing so may reduce your risk. Thirty minutes of daily exercise also should be incorporated into your routine, as research shows it can greatly reduce gestational diabetes risk.

Downs And Ups

Progress report at 10 months
Starting weight: 165 lbs.
current weight: 153 lbs.

Yesterday, Truman, now 18 months, had one of those days: He just wouldn't eat anything. Believe me, I tried. I started the day offering him a banana, raisins, a slab of whole-grain toast with almond butter and apricot preserves—no, no, no. Having failed that, then fresh sliced strawberries with yogurt and honey. Uh-uh. Multigrain toaster waffles? Forget it.