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Working Moms

Women's Wage Gap Even Worse for Moms

We already know that women make less money than men nationwide in almost every industry—but a new study has found that moms actually make even less than dads.

"No Pregnancy" Nonprofit Loses Lawsuit

File this under scary, politically incorrect work policies: A Houston-based nonprofit has a "no pregnancy in the workplace" practice, meaning it won't hire expectant women and will let go of an employee if she conceives.

4 Ways to Survive a Work Trip After Baby

Six months after giving birth to baby No. 2, publicity director Jennifer Verti of Los Angeles craved a full night’s sleep sans midnight feedings or meltdowns. But not enough to want to venture nearly 3,000 miles from home. “The first time I had to travel for work, I worried a lot about missing special moments,” she admits.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pregnancy Rights at Work

In a game-changing decision about how pregnant women are treated at work, the Supreme Court has ruled that pregnant workers are entitled to the same accommodations given to any worker restricted by a disability.

It all started when the pregnant Peggy Young told her employer, the United Parcel Service, that she shouldn’t lift anything heavy, doctor’s orders. Her company responded by putting her on unpaid leave.

Why New Dads Should Take Paternity Leave

You know when something’s simultaneously shocking and obvious? Brace yourself: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which entitles most new moms to 12 weeks off work within Baby’s first year, promises the same time off to dads (and in some cases, same-sex spouses, too). That means your S.O.

3 Quick Fixes for a Bad Hair Day

So you skipped the sweltering blow-dryer and wound up with air-dried hair that’s just blah. These tricks from Mara Roszak, a hairstylist with L’Oréal Paris, save the day.

How to Tell the Guys at Work You're Pregnant

As the host of car show PowerNation, Courtney Hansen—who gave birth to daughter Holland in July—knows a few things about working in a testosterone-heavy environment. With her tips, you can make your workplace a less-stressful place for a pregnant woman, for all nine months.

6 Stress-Relief Tips That Really Work

Every woman has some everyday anxiety, but soon–to–be moms can pile on a few more factors sure to send even the coolest cucumber into night sweats (seriously, this growing baby is going to come out where?).

Survive the Work Day (Even When You Have Morning Sickness)

Pregnant women have tons of demands on their time and energy, not the least of which is work.

Avoid This Working-Moms Trend

At 9 p.m. nearly any evening, you'll find Maria Colaco, a social media consultant and mom of two, staring at her computer, munching on cold leftovers and cranking away on a creative campaign. "I'm always turning to my work after the kiddos are in bed," she says.