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Working Moms

Survive the Work Day (Even When You Have Morning Sickness)

Pregnant women have tons of demands on their time and energy, not the least of which is work.

Avoid This Working-Moms Trend

At 9 p.m. nearly any evening, you'll find Maria Colaco, a social media consultant and mom of two, staring at her computer, munching on cold leftovers and cranking away on a creative campaign. "I'm always turning to my work after the kiddos are in bed," she says. 

Scarlett Johansson, Pregnant and Prepared to Juggle Family and Career

Yeah, we know, it must be really hard to be a gorgeous, successful actress. But haven't all of us worried about how motherhood will affect our careers? Hear ScarJo's concerns, then check out Three Tips to Make Your Return from Maternity Leave Easier. 

Motherhood Tip: Stop Trying to Be Perfect!

Her kids always sleep through the night; she always has dinner on the table; she “gets her body back” two months after labor; she never gets tired (ha!); and never feels like she’s running on empty (which is totally possible, if "never" means "usually.") Does this sound like a standard of motherhood you'd like to acheive?

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Gold-Medal Marriage: Paralympians Rob & Danelle Umstead Talk Relationships

During the years in which an Olympic Games competition takes place we are treated to stories that surprise, move, and inspire us in ways we couldn't even imagine. This year, thanks to the Sochi Winter Games and the Paralympic Games, is no exception.  Case in point: Alpine skiers and Paralympians, Rob and Danelle Umstead. Legally blind, Danelle skis to the sound of her husband’s guiding voice.  Talk about facing trust issues head on!

What Having a Daughter Taught Me

I'm about to say something that many people never get to say in their lifetimes: I love my job. Well, I did love my job. There was a time I couldn't imagine leaving.

I was a senior editor at a major national magazine, and work never felt like work to me. A case of the Mondays didn't exist. Why would it?

So Long, Farewell…

As a working mom, you count on predictability to keep things running smoothly.

I know my son’s preschool opens at 8:30 a.m., so I can make it to work on time after drop off. I know that the café in my building’s lobby has a killer arugula salad on the days I need some healthy greens. And I can count on my husband to pick up my son after school so I can get in a full day’s work.

Three Tips to Make Your Return From Maternity Leave Easier

Going back to work after my maternity leave was a godsend for me. I was so looking forward to the structure of a workday and getting back into a familiar routine. I don’t remember very much from my first day back—partly because I was sleep deprived, but mostly because I had tried my best to be as prepared as possible.

Let's Do Lunch, Redux

I just had to share the letter, below, that I received from a fellow working mama. I won't spoil it, but big, heartfelt congratulations to Jenny Kampp—pictured at left with her daughter, Chloe—for finding a way to create the community she craved as a new mom.


Dear Ms. Carofano,

Stephanie Ruhle

Stephanie Ruhle is no stranger to hard work. The mother of two boys—Harrison, 6, and Reese, 4— rose through the ranks in the highly competitive financial world and is currently the co-anchor of Bloomberg Television’s Market Makers. Due in April with her 
third child (it’s a girl!), Ruhle says this of motherhood:
 “I truly believe that it takes a village. It never behooves anyone to be Wonder Woman.” Here, Ruhle riffs on working moms, the importance of sleep and the power of girls.