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The Working Woman's Guide to Pregnancy

You’re not quite ready to divulge your happy news, but explaining away your exhaustion and frequent bathroom trips is getting tricky. Or you’re uncertain what sort of maternity leave you’re entitled to and, more importantly, how much of it is paid. These are just a few of the common scenarios you’ll need to tackle as you navigate the next nine months on the job. Our detailed guide will see you through.

Money-Saving Tips from Real Families

Staying Modest

Emily and Josh DeVoll, Glendale, Ariz.

"We hope for the best for our kids but don’t dwell on it. We just kind of take care of ourselves and make the best decisions we can." 

Protect Your Family

While it may seem overwhelming to prepare for your new baby and your financial future, it’s important to make sure that you and your family will be taken care of later and in case of an emergency. Here’s expert advice on what to do now and what can wait:

Health Insurance


Rising food costs. The housing mess. The credit crunch. Bank collapses. Government bailouts. The sagging stock market. If it seems like the only positive news lately has been the tiny plus-sign in the window of your pregnancy test kit, we don’t blame you. If you’re like most new or expecting parents, you’re probably wondering how, exactly, you can afford to raise your baby, particularly if you live in an expensive city. But despite these fiscally turbulent times, there’s plenty you can do.

Back to Work

For many new moms, this past week has been focused on getting back to work. Maybe you're just coming back from maternity leave, or maybe you're getting back to work after a long summer break, or maybe the end of summer simply finds your thoughts shifting back to work.

Wanted: Loving Care

I just placed my belly, aka “Baby Phillips,” on a waiting list for the day-care center near my work. I can’t imagine having my baby in the outside world yet, let alone in day care, but for me—like the 59 percent of working mothers with children younger than 1 year—finding the right child care is crucial. Indeed, with about 6 million U.S. infants and toddlers being looked after by people other than their parents, quality care is in high demand. As a result, parents are wise to start the selection process early, even before the baby is born.

10 Ways To Be A More Confident Mom

Being a mom is largely a self-confidence game.  I know this firsthand; my new baby tested my wits constantly, just when I needed them most. But the more confident I became, the less stressed I felt, the calmer my daughter was, the better the nursing flowed … and the smoother things went at home, the park, the store.

4 Women, 4 Decisions

Here, working women describe the choices they made when they became moms and how they made them. Let their stories—and their creative solutions—guide you as you chart your own course.

The Working Woman's Guide To Pregnancy

You’re pregnant, at work and trying to focus on the tasks at hand, but little thoughts keep creeping in. Is my job dangerous to my baby? Should I keep working or stay at home?

While facing possibly the most exciting event of your life, you’re also contending with new limitations, major decisions and issues that concern your identity, job and home life.

Here, leading work/family experts offer advice to help guide you through such issues as deciding whether to return to work, negotiating your maternity leave, staying fit and healthy and simply surviving the workday.

The Rewards of Motherhood

After nine months of carefully tending to your growing belly, then perhaps hours of life-altering labor, you get a big prize to take home: a baby to nurture and cherish. But the benefits don’t stop there. Here are 10 ways pregnancy and motherhood can reward you physically, mentally and emotionally for years to come.