25 Weeks Pregnant

Here's what's happening during Week 25 of your pregnancy.

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Your Growing Baby:

Your baby weighs 1 1/2 pounds and is a little more than 13 inches long, about the size of a small bag of sugar. In the last third of pregnancy, she'll double and triple her weight.

Your dexterous baby can touch and hold her feet and make a fist. Your partner may be able to hear her heartbeat by pressing his ear against your belly. Your baby has a regular sleep schedule now and active and inactive periods. You may or may not be able to discern what those periods are. Her nostrils, which have been plugged, open up.

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Your Growing Belly:

While you're feeling great progress, it comes with a return to fatigue, dizziness, and constant trips to the bathroom.

To relieve back, hip and leg pain now, try to keep walking, swimming, practicing yoga or doing any other non-weight-bearing activity. This also can help you recover faster physically after childbirth.

Tips & To-Do's:

Get It Straight

A tense neck, sore back, twinges in your hips, throbbing feet—when you're pregnant, aches and pains are just part of the deal, right? Not necessarily. Our bodies are actually well-designed for pregnancy but the modern woman is doing so many things that wreak havoc on our tissues. We sit too much, drive everywhere instead of walk, wear high heels and are often overweight and inflexible.  But you needn't suffer unnecessarily, Katy Bowman has designed an exquisitely quick and simple program to address the crux of today's prenatal ailments: poor alignment. Tweak your body's alignment for a pain-free pregnancy.

Things to think about this week

Whether navigating the aisles of baby superstores is your idea of a good time or a nightmare come to life, you need to buy some stuff. Here are handy lists for minimalists to shopaholics alike.

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