Is it safe to go waterskiing while pregnant?

Q: Waterskiing is my main form of exercise in the summer. I'm in my first trimester—is it safe for me to keep skiing?

A: It's best to discuss this with your doctor. Here's why: In the first trimester, the fetus is well protected within the uterus, which in turn is safely tucked behind the pelvic bones. As such, if you were to suffer a hard fall or a blow to the abdomen from an errant ski, your baby would very likely be protected. However, after 13 weeks, the uterus begins to expand beyond the pelvis; this could put your baby at risk if you were to take a fall or get hit in the belly. If your doctor does determine that waterskiing is not safe for you, you can enjoy the water throughout your pregnancy by switching to swimming: It's one of the best exercises you can do, pregnant or not.