Can I keep up my high intensity workouts while I'm pregnant?

Q: I have always been very active and work out at least five times a week at a high intensity level. Will I be able to keep up this pace while I'm pregnant?

A: I think it is great that you work out so often and are obviously committed to staying healthy and fit. Exercising during pregnancy can help relieve stress, fight gestational diabetes and may help you have an easier pregnancy and delivery. You can continue to work out as often as you do, but, if necessary, you should reduce the intensity level to the point that you're able to carry on a conversation comfortably during your workout. Don't feel obligated to keep pushing yourself to perform at your current intensity level. Nothing can take the place of rest while you are pregnant, so make sure you get lots of it. Remember, you have a life growing inside of you that needs a lot of your energy and rest to grow. So don't overwork yourself, and be sure to consult your doctor before continuing your current workout routine.