Is there a new treatment (besides insulin) for gestational diabetes?

Q: Is there a new treatment for gestational diabetes? I had gestational diabetes six years ago. I'd like to get pregnant again and heard about a treatment for this condition that uses oral antihypoglycemics rather than insulin. What is it?

A: Since you have a history of gestational diabetes, there is a strong likelihood that you'll develop it again, so you're wise to ponder your options. In the past, if diet and exercise did not bring blood-sugar levels under control, doctors prescribed insulinan effective treatment, but one that often required daily injections. Today, there's a medication called Glyburide that can be as effective as insulin. Since its taken orally, it is easier to administer than insulin injections. And because it does not cross the placenta, it poses no risk to the fetus. Glyburide does have potential side effects, including causing low blood sugar if you're not eating properly. But tracking your food intake, exercise and blood-sugar levels throughout the day can help you head off problems.