My sex drive has dried up in my second trimester. How can I heat things up again?

Q: I'm in my second trimester and have almost no sex drive. This didn't happen two years ago during my last pregnancy. Do you have any advice on how I can heat things up?

A: Many women experience changes in their sex drive during pregnancy--increased and decreased libidos are both common. That said, take a look at any circumstances, past or present, that may be putting a damper on your desire. For instance, have you experienced any vaginal bleeding or been at risk for preterm labor? Did intercourse during your last pregnancy initiate contractions? Or how about the fact that this time around, you are the mother of a young child and are likely exhausted? Talk with your obstetrician to rule out other possibilities, such as a hormone imbalance or low thyroid function; if you have concerns about whether sex is safe for you, discuss this as well. Then talk with your partner about ways you can adapt your sex life to accommodate your fatigue. Scheduling intercourse on days when you are able to take a nap may not sound romantic, but it may be just what the doctor ordered.