Can I do pilates throughout my pregnancy?

Q: Can I do pilates throughout my pregnancy?


A: Pilates is a wonderful activity that you can continue throughout pregnancy with some modification. It offers gentle muscle strengthening while improving balance, which can be a real benefit as your body's shape and size evolves.
This exercise often is done on an apparatus with spring-resistant bars, but getting on and off during the second and third trimesters can be awkward and pose a risk of falling. Because of this, I recommend that Pilates workouts be done exclusively on floor mats once the second trimester begins. You also should not work out on your back in your second and third trimesters. Instead, use a hip wedge, raise your upper torso or do exercises on your side.
While some Pilates studios offer their own instructor-certification programs, there is currently no national licensing procedure. You should therefore make sure that you are working with an instructor who is knowledgeable about exercising safely during pregnancy.