My pediatrician can't come to the hospital where I'll give birth. Should I find a new one?

Q: I'm pregnant and will be delivering at a hospital 50 miles away. My pediatrician said he won't be able to see the baby while she's in the hospital due to the distance. Should I find a different doctor?

A: I don't think so. Though most pediatricians have privileges at several hospitals, typically only pediatricians in very rural areas will travel long distances to see a newborn. Most pediatricians count on each other to perform newborn exams and order discharges when necessary. Your OB can help you find a doctor to see your baby in the hospital.

That said, I do think your pediatrician should talk with the "stand-in" doc to communicate any exams he wants conducted and other important information. Once your baby's released, your pediatrician will want to see her within three to 10 days.