What do you think of birth plans?

Q: What do you think of birth plans?

A: It is perfectly appropriate for you to outline some specific goals in a birth plan, whether those include pain-blocking techniques you hope to use, positions you intend to try during labor, your preferences about being "hooked up" to a monitor, or simply your attitude toward something as basic as your partner's participation in the birth. But it's also important to have a healthy degree of confidence in--and communication with--your caregiver, whether he or she is a midwife, nurse practitioner or obstetrician. Such experts know all too well that while most births are uncomplicated, unexpected events can and do occur during labor and delivery. Even the best, most well-thought-out birth plan may require slight--or considerable--modification if the well-being of you or your baby comes into question.

So, take your birth plan, whether simple or detailed, combine it with trust in your obstetric caregiver and a willingness to be responsive to the needs of the moment, and you'll have a great approach to childbirth.