Should I stop swimming in the third trimester?

Q: I'm 28 years old and in my last trimester. I swim almost every day, but my aunt says I should stop soon because if my water breaks in the pool, I might not be aware of it and it could be a problem. Is this true?

A: While your aunt undoubtedly is thinking only of your best interests, swimming daily is a real gift to you and your unborn baby that poses no danger even as you approach your due date. If your water breaks while you are in the pool--or the bathtub, for that matter--you will feel the fluid leaking and should contact your doctor immediately. My real concern is that you take every precaution to steady yourself getting into and out of the pool or tub. The hazards of losing your footing on slippery tile are greater than the likelihood of any complications resulting from your water breaking while you swim.