Why won't some men watch their partner deliver?

Q: Is it true some men won't watch their partner deliver for fear it will change how he sees her sexually?

A: When I was pregnant with our first child, my husband and I had a conversation about whether he should stand above or below the Mason-Dixon line during the delivery. The truth is, while we may want our partner to be enamored by the thought of seeing a baby emerge from our birth canal, not every man is capable of handling this sight. This is an important conversation to have with your husband or partner before you find yourself in the delivery room. If he thinks that watching the birth will change the way he sees your body, and in turn, affect your sex life, then he shouldn't be pressured into watching. That said, there are some men who claim they are unable to watch, then get swept up in the moment and choose a front-row seat. In the end, this isn't really about how you feel about it. Give your partner the freedom to make his own decision, and stick by it; don't ever make him feel bad about his choice.