How can I get over my disappointment about having a C-Section?

Q: I can't get over my disappointment about having a C-section. Do you have any advice?

A: It's important to allow yourself to have these feelings, says Dana Sullivan, co-author of The Essential C-Section Guide (Broadway Books/Random House). Too often, women are advised to focus on the fact that their baby is healthy rather than to work through their emotions. This not only negates their feelings, but also can lead to intense guilt for simply having them.

Also, remind yourself that there is no right or wrong way to deliver a baby. Look at your C-section as no better or worse than a vaginal delivery, just different, Sullivan says. Another tip: Take steps to regain your strength and fitness. This will give you a sense of control, and remind you that while your body maybe didn't perform the way you hoped it would, it did grow this amazing baby, she explains.

Finally, try to look forward and not back, Sullivan suggests: We get so wrapped up in the labor and birth that we lose sight of everything that's ahead of us.