Could my 10-month-old be obese?

Q: My 10-month-old weighs 25 pounds, which his pediatrician says is "off the charts." He eats well--mostly breast milk, cereal, fruits, vegetables and some beans--and is tall for his age, but his doctor says that since he's chubby, I should breastfeed him less. Should I be worried about my son becoming obese?

A: You should be worried that your doctor is only looking at the charts. Your son has had a nice early growth spurt, and the diet you're feeding him will keep him healthy and actually lead to his being a lean toddler rather than an overweight guy. Continuing to breastfeed will help, too: Babies who are breastfed for six months or longer have a much lower incidence of obesity later in life than babies who are not.

Our kids aren't getting fatter because they're being breastfed and eating fruits and beans; it's because parents keep buying them high-fat, high-sugar foods. Yes, there is a huge obesity problem in America, but it's related to french fries, fast-food hamburgers and huge helpings of sugar in everything from soft drinks to pudding.