My 15-month old is clumsier than his peers. Should I get him evaluated?

Q: My 15-month-old is clumsier than other babies his age. My doctor thinks he's OK and said we should give him time to get more comfortable with his body before seeing a specialist. I really don't feel good about waiting. What do you suggest?

A: Don't wait. A good occupational therapy evaluation, preferably with someone who specializes in babies, will give you a lot of information and will be fun for your son. As often as not, this type of visit is 100 percent reassuring--you'll get tips for encouraging and recognizing normal growth and development. If there is a problem with your son's motor skills, early diagnosis and therapy can make a huge difference.

I feel the same way when it comes to questions about a child's hearing, vision, language and more: Trust your doctor, but trust your instincts more.