My baby scoots instead of crawls. Is this ok?

Q: My 8-month-old has begun to crawl in the strangest way: She tucks one foot under her butt and scoots on her belly. Is this OK?

A: I have seen this type of crawl dozens of times--and many other "stylish" versions as well. And you know what? All the babies who scooted along this way ended up growing into perfectly conventional walkers. In fact, many of them were so good at it (and so fast!) that they never crawled any other way.

If all your daughter's other gross- and fine-motor skills seem to be normal--such as having the ability to sit comfortably without support and having a pincer grasp (being able to pick up small objects between her thumb and forefinger) at 9 months--you needn't worry one little bit. Chalk it up to her unique personality.