How can I transition my 14-month-old out of our bed and into the crib?

Q: My husband and I chose to co-sleep with our sons. The older boy went to his own bed when he was 2, but I'd like to get our 14-month-old, who is nursing at night, into a crib sooner. Any suggestions?

A: I recommend a very gentle approach. Start by nursing your son for a shorter time in his own room and soothing him to sleep by patting and rubbing him through the bars of the crib. Do this for a few nights; for another few evenings, soothe him to sleep with no nursing. Finally, spend several nights talking to him until he falls asleep, with no rubbing or patting. I don't pretend this is a "no-cry" solution, but your baby's distress will be mitigated by your or your husband's presence. For more information, visit