Do I need to give my baby water to drink in the summer?

Q: Now that summer is here, do I need to give my 5-month-old daughter water to drink, in addition to breast milk? Also, how can I clear up the rash she gets in the folds of her neck during hot, humid weather?

A: Breast milk is enough for babies even in the hottest weather, but if you're not convinced, monitor the color and quantity of your daughter's urine. It should be pale yellow or clear, and she should produce her normal amount. If it's dark or there's less than usual, she needs more fluids. (You, however, definitely need more, especially since you're breastfeeding.)

As for her skin, use a little talc-free baby powder to absorb moisture in the folds where there is little or no air circulation (talc has been associated with an increased risk of cancer). Or you can try clay powder, which is sold in health-food stores. I also treat those rashes with a mixture of one part aloe juice to one part jojoba oil (both also available at health-food stores).