I love my in-laws, but how can I get some privacy after baby comes?

 Q: My in-laws often barge in unannounced and stay for hours. How can we get some privacy after the baby comes?

A: You have a free pass to be a terrible hostess for the first few months after your baby is born. Have your husband firmly explain to his parents that you are exhausted from staying up all night; they're welcome to visit from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., or whenever your patience is at its peak, but after that, you're going to crash. At 5:01, yawn, mumble something about leaky breasts (that usually gets the men to skedaddle) and head off to your bedroom with the baby. If they insist on staying, your hubby can say, "Great! We haven't had a chance to do a thing around the house. Could you pitch in?" You'll get some help, or they'll get the hint. Either way, you win.