How can my husband play a more active role in raising our baby?

Q: My husband has been having trouble finding his role as a father in the first three months of our daughter's life. What advice do you have for him?

A: Moms have a clearly defined role when their babies are born: Breastfeed, cuddle and take naps with the baby. But fathers often aren't quite sure where they fit in. Your husband probably is wondering if he should be proactive and offer to feed the baby with a bottle of pumped milk, change diapers, rub your neck or just stay out of the way and keep quiet.

The most important job for a new father is to support the so-calledinfant/maternal dyad. That is, he should be there for you and the baby in any way needed and not wait to be asked. Try to make sure he feels free to jump in and do things like put the baby in a sling and take her for a walk, read to her or cuddle with her.