I want to tone up my post-baby body—how can I make my fitness plan stick?

Q: I had my son 10 months ago and have managed to lose all of the weight I put on during my pregnancy. Now I want to get in great shape and tone up my body. Every holiday season I make a resolution to get fit. About two or three months into the new year, I fall off the wagon. Do you have any advice that will help my "get fit" plan stick?

A: Congratulations on losing your pregnancy weight! This shows you have what it takes to do whatever is needed to succeed. For starters, don't set goals for yourself that are too tough to reach. Be sure you have a fitness plan that you can actually follow, and build in small goals that are easy to achieve.

Also, it's always helpful to have a workout buddy or a trainer who will help keep you accountable. If you do miss a workout or fall off your meal plan, don't let a setback stand in your way. Instead, stay positive and get right back on track the following day.

My secret to keeping myself accountable when I have a challenge is to write myself a letter. I write down my reasoning for facing the challenge, a plan of action and how good over coming the challenge will feel. When I feel weak, I pull out the letter to re-inspire myself. Stay focused, and you can make this year different! Find working and excercise tips for getting your body back, click here.