How do we resume sexy times with an 8-month-old around?

Q: My baby is 8 months old and my partner and I want to resume our active sex life. How do we manage?

A: There is no doubt that finding time for sex can be tricky with a baby (of any age) at home. But this is when it becomes even more important to use your time wisely. When you know your baby is asleep, make your move. If you can arrange for someone to care for your baby for a few hours, go out and have a romantic date—or you can skip the dinner or movie and head to a hotel instead. If your baby has a regular sleep routine, plan around that. Set the alarm a little early and have sex in the morning, or in the shower, even on the bathroom floor. Don't feel pressured to engage in long bouts of love-making. Sometimes a "quickie" is enough to make you feel connected again. Often, that is all you have time for anyway.