Is my husband joking about not wanting to share my breasts?

Q: My husband jokes about not wanting to share my breasts with the baby. Is he kidding?

A: For many men, breasts represent their young male desires and turn-ons. For women, too, breasts epitomize our sexuality and sensuality. However, as we approach motherhood, many of us begin to feel differently about our breasts. They now serve an evolving, biological purpose. So it's no surprise that both men and women can have an ambivalent response to breastfeeding. The fact is, nursing can be a wonderful bonding experience for mother and baby, but it can inadvertently suggest to men that they are not needed or that someone else is taking what is "theirs." When you and your partner make the decision to breastfeed, initiate a dialogue and ask him: "How will it make you feel to see me nurse the baby?" The fact is, your breasts may feel different to you and your mate; acknowledging this in advance will be a great help to you both.