Will a breast augmentation affect my ability to nurse?

Q: I'm considering having breast augmentation. Will implants interfere with nursing if I have a second child?

A: Studies have shown that any breast surgery, including biopsy, reduction or augmentation, may result in inadequate milk supply. Experts aren't sure why augmentation might have this effect, but there's speculation that the surgery could cause damage to the milk ducts or that pressure from the implants could harm the breast tissue. Whether the implants are saline or silicone doesn't seem to affect nursing success, but the incision location does. Women whose incision is in the nipple area tend to have the most difficulty; those with an incision closer to the crease beneath the breast typically have better success.

Before you undergo augmentation, be sure to let your surgeon know that you want to breastfeed. Also consider postponing the procedure; pregnancy itself may cause changes to the contour and/or size of your breasts.