10 Things Your Baby is Really Thinking—in GIFs

Can't read baby's mind? No worries, these GIFs can.

He might not be old enough to speak yet, but you know baby is already full of thoughts. You watch those eyes scan the room and you probably wonder what's running through his mind: Is he hungryIs he happyIs he comfortable? Why does he keep looking in that corner? While baby can't answer your questions—just yet, anyway—we can take our best guess at what your babe is thinking. (And we bet it's pretty funny.)

Mmhm. Yep. Nighty-night, mom. See ya in about two hours.

Zack Morris Wink Gif

Dinner. Is. Served.

Baywatch Running Gif

Don't forget to put my hashtag on the 20th photo you've posted of me on Instagram today. And use the right filter to bring out my eyes!

Baby Pulling Hair Gif media.tumblr.com

No Ma, I'm cool. You can go away now. I'm just playing with this box here.

Rad Baby Gif 33.media.tumblr.com

Haha! Mom you should see what the dog does when I pull his tail. It's. So. Funny.

baby and dog gif gfycat.com

Woah. What IS this thing in my diaper?

Emma Stone Grossed Out Gif mamatoga.com

Where did you go?!?! Mom?!!?! Oh there you are. Peek a what? COME BACK!

Girl Turning Head Gif Giphy.com

Daddy ate one of the cookies you told him not to. Can I have one too?

Cookie Monster Gif media.tumblr.com

Tummy time is fun... until it's suddenly scary and I can't move. HELP mom! I'm not big enough yet.

I have a big head and little arms gif 29.media.tumblr.com

I have to tell ya, Mom and Dad. I really do have the life. Amiright?

Dad and Baby Gif 31.media.tumblr.com