5 Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Valentine's Day

So this is what love feels like? Here are fun, unique and crafty ways to make your baby's first-ever Valentine's Day that much more memorable. Get ready to gush!

5 Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Valentine's Day

While you may have already thought you knew just how immeasurable love was when you met your baby's daddy, this year, you outdid yourself with the amount your heart can hold. It's no news to you that having a baby changes everything, but wow, when it comes to defining love, children have a way of molding your perspective. This year, Valentine's Day will take on an entirely new meaning because you're not just celebrating romantic love but the unconditional love that comes with having your own child. If you're looking for sweet and special ways to make baby's first February 14 memorable for you and your partner—and for Baby to look back on one day!—here are a few ideas to get you started.

You have full permission to go as cheesy as possible.

Okay—if you always played that "I'm too cool for Valentine's Day card" or prescribed to the notion that V-Day is only a greeting card holiday, we're with you. But now that you've fallen in love with Baby, it's no longer ridiculous to, um, get a little ridiculous about cupid's anniversary. Go ahead and buy a sweet Valentine's Day onesie and snap some candid shots of baby. (We must warn you: if you put it on Instagram, your feed is about to blow up and the stakes for your next photo will be pretty high!)

Send Valentine's Day cards from baby.

If you haven't sent a Valentine's Day note since you were in grade school, here's your chance to go old-school and surprise your friends and family with an old-fashioned letter of love. Since they're likely baby's (and your!) biggest fan, nothing will make them smile more than getting a heart-shaped note from your little love. You can save money by visiting a local craft store for inexpensive notes, or if you're able to splurge, you can customize a print with baby's photo.

Get artsy with baby's hands.

Making a simple hand- or footprint card is fine, sure, but if you want to put a Valentine's Day spin on your holiday arts and crafts project, try this instead: gently help baby make a small fist and dip the side of her hand on a red stamp pad or washable paint. Press down. Then repeat with their other hand. This makes a heart out of baby's hands! It's so simple and will be something you can treasure for years to come. Pro tip: if you're sending cards, try this as the seal on the envelope to take it to another level of adorable.

Get a Valentine's Day smash cake.

Who says smash cakes are only for first birthdays? We doubt baby will ever complain about having something sweet on the sweetest day of the year. Buy a heart-shaped cake—or simply bake one with a heart-shaped pan—and let Baby go to town. You can record their feast or snap photos that you'll treasure for years.

Use Valentine's Day as a way to show your partner some love from Baby.

Baby might not be old enough—yet—to write a card to their father, but you can help them. Since it's his first Valentine's Day as a new dad, it's a special moment for him to savor just how big his heart has expanded in the past year, too. There are tons of cards on Etsy to choose from (regardless if you go sentimental or funny), or you could write your own. And if you want to ensure baby sends you a card too? Just forward this link to your other half for a (not-so-subtle) nudge.