4 Quirkiest Baby Trends of 2013

From breast milk jewelry to diaper-free babies

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Kim Kardashian named her daughter North West...and that's not even the kookiest baby story of the year!

Today's moms are wearing their breast milk around their necks, teaching their little peanuts to pee between parked cars and dressing their kids like Cabbage Patch Kids. And wait till you hear what the tykes are talking about on Twitter!

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Breast milk jewelry

Breast milk jewelry

Breastfeeding seems to be more in vogue than ever, thanks in part to the many health benefits it affords both mom and baby (a new study says it boosts infant brain power!), but wearing your milk around your neck takes the trend to a whole new level.

Search for breast milk jewelry on handmade marketplace website Etsy, and 120 items come up, including a do-it-yourself locket and a keepsake pendant, The Associated Press reports.

Meanwhile, a lollipop company called Lollyphile is offering Breast Milk Lollipops, according to foxnews.com. No, they don't contain actual breast milk, but the taste is said to be ... "nostalgic." That's one way to put it!

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Diaper-free babies

Diaper-free babies

We get the whole disposable vs. cloth debate, but going without a diaper altogether?

According to The New York Times, "elimination communication" has allowed parents to "potty train" their babies by as young as three weeks, but 18 months is more common. That said, it also involves encouraging your little lass or lad to urinate on the street between parked cars.

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Cabbage Patch Kid hats

Cabbage Patch Kid hats

'80 kids ... those whose parents waited in long lines and engaged in fistfights to get them a Cabbage Patch Kid ... are now having their own babies. And covering their babies' bald heads with Cabbage Patch Kid hats.

A 33-year-old mom-to-be crocheted the hats with yarn and started selling them on Etsy last fall, and now, the toppers have gone viral, according to ABC News. Cute idea, but weren't those wigs kinda ugly the first time around?

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Babies who tweet

Babies who tweet

Celebrity babies have already become fashion icons (Suri Cruise has nicer shoes than we do!), and now they're taking over Twitter.

According to The Stir, Melissa Joan Hart's 9-month-old son already has his own Twitter account, @TuckerWilk.

Tucker tweeted on Tuesday about how much he was enjoying a summer day by the lake, but he's also babbling about attending premieres with mom, burping and, yes, pooping. Follow him if you're curious about his next feeding!

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