Family Who Filed Lawsuit Against Evenflo Speaks Out

The family who tragically lost their seven-month-old daughter to SIDS has spoken out about their decision to sue baby product manufacturer Evenflo.

Family Who Filed Lawsuit Against Evenflo Speaks Out OndroM/Shutterstock
Abby Karow died nearly six years ago. She was just seven months old and her parents took it upon themselves to go after Evenflo, a baby product manufacturing company they believe was to blame for their daughter's tragic death.

But Evenflo doesn't support the family's claims, despite the fact that a jury ruled in the Karow family's favor.

Abby died after being placed face down in an Evenflo Babygo playpen. Her death was chalked up to SIDS despite the fact that the baby didn't have any of the risk factors, which include being born prematurely, family history and secondhand smoke exposure.

The family took the playpen's mattress cover to a lab to have its breathability tested—it registered low compared to other products of the same kind, leading the family to believe the mattress cover kept their daughter from breathing when she was placed on it. The jury believed the family.

"If the baby is put down on that, then that baby can not breathe through that," attorney Joseph Carcione Jr. said. "To have a product that a baby can't breathe through is absurd."

Abby's mother weighed in as well. "You buy stuff at the store because it's at the store, and it's made for babies, and we think it's safe, and you don't think that putting a baby down on its stomach or on its back or on its side is going to kill your kid. And it did," Tiffany Karow said.

But Evenflo maintained that their product was not to blame. Here is the statement the company issued from William J. Gross, the executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary at Evenflo:

"The death of child is heartbreaking and Evenflo has the deepest sympathy for the Karow family's tragic loss. We remain in agreement with all of the treating medical providers who concluded that Abby's death was the result of SIDS—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Evenflo stands behind the design of its playyard mattress pad and remains confident it was not the cause of her tragic death. We are extremely disappointed with the verdict of the jury and are considering all options, including an appeal. Protecting children has been our core mission at Evenflo for nearly a century and our products have been, and will continue to be, designed, manufactured and tested with child safety as our top priority."