5 Fun Ideas for Baby's First Halloween

Ready to get in on the holiday fun? Try these tricks to make your baby's first Halloween a real treat!

Baby's first Halloween AlohaHawaii/Shutterstock
Forget the Halloween party circuit: With a little one in the house, your life is already thrilling enough. You're falling in love with your baby boo, but you're also learning how to survive a little creature that wakes in the night, horrifying diaper blowouts and all sorts of not-for-the-faint-hearted experiences.

So how do you make your little goblin's first Halloween a treat? Check out these five tricks for the best one ever.

1. Keep the costume simple.

Babies are messy. So keep spitup and accidents in mind when you start squandering your precious sleep time sewing an amazing costume or splurging on something handmade from Etsy. You may be better off getting something inexpensive, or asking your fellow mom pals for a totally adorable hand-me-down. Better yet? Opt for a festive-colored onesie, like those at Primary, and DIY an accessory or two. Or don't. After all, your baby is cute enough on his own!

2. Host trick or treat at your place.

Repeat after us: This is baby's first Halloween. She will have so many more years to walk around in adorable costumes, collecting a tub full of candy (that you'll sneak pieces out of for months!). Don't put a ton of pressure on yourself to dress up, carry baby's massive bag of must-haves, and visit everyone from grandma to your co-worker. Instead, consider having a spooky meet-and-greet and invite everyone over. This way, you can put baby in that sweet getup (see above!) and let everyone ooh and ahh over her.

3. Let your baby get in on the fun.

Without enough teeth to chew, your baby can't enjoy the magic that is a Snickers Bar. Or candy corn. But if he's on solid food, why not let him get in on the Halloween fun by buying or making festive flavors? From pumpkin and apple to pecan, lots of companies offer seasonal varieties. (Just don't forget to grab a bag of candy or a pumpkin spice treat for the grownups to enjoy!)

4. Opt for a festive photo op.

Baby might not be the happiest camper when you sit him inside of a pumpkin or take him to a pumpkin patch, but can you imagine how many double-taps your Instagram post will get?! One easy—and super sweet—way to commemorate baby's first Halloween: Carve or paint a pumpkin with baby's name and the year, and snap his picture with it.

5. Make it a Netflix and chill night.

Remember all those spooky movies and TV specials you loved? Your baby's not ready for screen time, so let him sleep while you tune in to Hocus Pocus or It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. You guys are exhausted and baby won't know the difference, so take a night in. Trust us, mama—you've earned it.