Green Up Your Diapering Routine

Lessen the impact: gDiapers are colorful, flushable and 100% biodegradeable.


If you feel like you're wiping your baby's bottom an awful lot, it's because you are: Children require an estimated 6,000 diaper changes by the time they're 2 years old! We can't do the job for you, but we can offer some Earth-friendlier ways to contain your baby's output:

Chlorine-free disposables

Whitening with chlorine creates toxins such as dioxin. Seventh Generation opts out of the process. Their light-brown diapers are now thinner and have stretchier leg gathers. $51.89 for 224 Stage 1 diapers,

Hybrid diapers

gDiapers combine the best of cloth and disposable. The exterior is a colored cloth diaper; inside is a washable, snap-in waterproof liner. A biodegradable refill insert is easily removed and flushed, composted (wet ones only) or thrown away. $16.99 per diaper, includes two waterproof snap-in liners; $14.49 for 40 refills,

One-size washable diapers

An innovation from Happy Heiny's, the One Size Pocket Diaper has snaps to adjust the fit for newborns to toddlers. $24.99 per diaper, includes two washable microfiber inserts, For easier cleanup, add flushable Imse Vimse rice-paper liners. 200 for $12.95,

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