Must-Have All-Natural Baby Products

Check out our Beauty Editor, Melissa Foss, on the TODAY Show as she shares Fit Pregnancy's favorite natural baby products

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These days, everyone is eager to use all-natural products—those items that we can depend on to be healthy, organic, and eco-friendly. This is especially true when it comes to our children. Set aside your concerns, because Fit Pregnancy's Melissa Foss put together a list for the TODAY show of some of her favorite natural products so that you know exactly what to look for when shopping for your baby.

Everyday Must-Haves For starters, there are some staple, all-natural products, that every mother will need to keep her nursery and diaper bag stocked. These are some of the most basic, but necessary items that you will need to ensure your baby's health and well-being are accounted for. First and foremost is protection from the sun. We recommend the Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Sunblock Stick SPF 50, because it doesn't include any chemicals but does have mineralblock technology with 100% naturally-sourced, long-lasting active ingredients. This ensures a gentle formula for your baby's sensitive skin and sufficient protection from the harmful rays of the sun. ($9; can be purchased at Babies R Us or at

Another true necessity is diaper ointment, because a comfy baby is a happy baby. The best of the best when it comes to natural products is Burt's Bees Baby Diaper Ointment. This soothing salve is rich with vitamins to help nourish your baby's skin, and is 100% naturally infused with sweet almond oil, keeping that precious baby skin smooth and moisturized. ($8; can be purchased at CVS or at

Who can forget toothpaste? To keep your children's teeth clean with all-natural product that won't harm their pearly whites, use Tom's Of Maine Silly Strawberry Toothpaste for Children. This natural toothpaste is made with natural fluoride, plus a sweet strawberry taste your children will love. It's silly enough for kids, and serious enough for moms! ($4; can be purchased at Walgreens or at

Always Be Prepared As many moms know, it doesn't hurt to be overly prepared by having products that you hope you'll never need—but you'll be grateful you have these! After all, you never know when your little one may need a quick fix for something you hadn't planned for. Don't let motion spoil your day! Your child's relief from motion sickness and dizziness is just a drop away with MotionEaze. With just a drop behind each ear, MotionEaze's natural oils provide safe and effective relief from dizziness and motion sickness in less than five minutes, without the drowsy side effects associated with other similar products. ($6; can be purchased at Walmart or at

When your child has stomach discomfort that's often associated with colic, hiccups and teething, you want to ease their ailment in the safest and fastest way possible. Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water is a safe and effective all natural herbal supplement used to alleviate these symptoms. Not only is it pediatrician recommended, but it contains no chemicals or artificial flavors or colors. ($12; can be purchased at Walgreens or at

You may not want to face it, but at some point your child is probably going to bring home lice. Robi Comb is a safe, quick, and easy solution. It detects and destroys lice on contact, all you have to do is comb through dry hair. This safe and natural option doesn't entail a mess with use of gel or oils. You can use it anywhere and anytime, and it's even reusable. What happens is that the electronic Robi Comb contacts lice, zaps the lice, and poof, all gone! Getting rid of lice has never been this easy! ($25; can be purchased at Walgreens or at

Cold, Cold, Go Away If you feel your child has a cold coming on, you'll be happy you have these all natural cures to fight it head on. To tackle that cold right away with a product that won't harm your child, use Xlear—it's the only natural nasal spray with Xylitol, which soothes and moisturizes nasal passages due to irritation. The reason Xlear is so great for your child is because it optimizes moisture in the nasal passages and keeps sinuses moist and clean for much longer than other products. ($7; can be purchased at Whole Foods or at

Another must-have for your child when the sniffles start coming is Hyland's Cough Syrup. The formula combines natural homeopathic medicines for cough in a great-tasting 100% natural honey base to relieve the various coughs that can come with colds, flu or allergies. This is a great solution for parents looking for a safe and effective cough medicine for their children—and one kids won't mind taking! ($8; can be purchased at CVS or at

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Melissa Foss is Fit Pregnancy's Beauty Editor