Neighbor's Nasty Note About Baby Crying Prompts Family to Move

"Please consider buying a parenting book or consulting with a childcare expert," the note said. "Your baby should not be crying that loudly and for that long."

Couple Receives Nasty Note Facebook

Two months after receiving a nasty note from a neighbor complaining about their baby crying, Karl and Jessica Ronnevik and their 1-year-old son, Peter, have moved out of their Greensboro, North Carolina, condo.

"Every day has been stressful trying to get out of here," Jessica, who is 30 weeks pregnant with the couple's second child, told local news station FOX8 while moving on Saturday. Here is an excerpt from the note that prompted her to start packing her bags:

"Please consider buying a parenting book or consulting with a childcare expert. Your baby should not be crying that loudly and for that long."

Oh, hell no!

If I lived next door to these awful people, they would have received the following note in response:

"Please consider buying an etiquette book or consulting with a therapist. You should not be that angry and lacking in empathy."

But it seems there was no winning with the note-writer, who also complained to the condo complex, which resulted in the Ronneviks receiving a noise violation citation. For a baby crying, in case you forgot.

The troll, er, neighbor didn't even mind rubbing salt in the wounds of the family they harassed into moving, saying this in a statement to FOX8: "I wish the family well. I hope their move is a safe one, and I hope they've found a new home which is better suited for raising their toddler and their soon-to-be newborn baby. It is my sincere and earnest wish that everyone involved is able to sleep more soundly in the future...especially whomever is lucky enough to share a bedroom wall with their nursery."

Wow. Because clearly this person was such a treat to live next door to, also. Listen, people need to be more tolerant and understanding. It. Is. A. Baby.

That being said, I wasn't there, and I don't know how much or how loudly little Peter cried. I do know babies cry. I also know you won't always love your neighbors. I lived in an apartment in New York City for years underneath an old woman who would walk around in heels in the middle of the night. It was annoying. Did I write her a nasty note and complain to our landlord in an effort to get her kicked out? If only I'd thought of that...just kidding!

Can't we all just get along, though? Seriously! I hope this nasty note-writer's next neighbor is a drummer. And in the end, I understand why the Ronneviks left. Sometimes it's just not worth a fight.

What's your take?